The annual international regional meeting site

I planned to hold ASTE_INT regional meeting at ESERA (2017) and EASE (2018, Oct) but ESERA The 2nd ASTE_INT regional meeting is not active this year. The problem was that I could set up the ASTE_INT regional meeting with only papers accepted at EASER this year. The acceptance rate is low and the travel expense is very high so not many people in Asia area could attend ESERA   It was easy for me to control for the regional meeting at EASE (due to MOU between ASTE and EASE, my roles as vice president of EASE, and high acceptance rate with not high travel expenses in Asia area)   So I am thinking to host 3rd conference of ASTE_INT in Korea (2018 Jan), 4th regional meeting in Taiwan (2018 Oct) during my terms as the representative.

International Symposium of STEAM

Regional meeting in Korea (Feb 13th) co-hosted by ASTE_INT region, KRF, Chosun University

Participants: Peter Taylor (AU), Tisha Morrell (USA), Winnie So (HK), Hyunju Park(Korea), Kazi Shahidullah (Bangladesh), Nhi Phan(Vietnam), and 20 science teachers (elementary and secondary levels in Gwangju city of Korea)