Welcome to International region for Science Teacher Education

We represent an international member subset of ASTE. Our international ASTE region officially  include all members who are interested in international science teacher education.

Time for a new photo!!! A new photo will be taken at the next annual ASTE meeting in New Orleans so be sure to attend the Regional Meeting!!!

Mission of International Region

To promote collaboration among ASTE international members in scholarly activities for ASTE’s mission.

Current leadership

Director: Patricia (Tisha) Morrell, Professor Emeritus from The University of Queensland and the University of Portland


Past Directors:

2018-2022:  Christine Tippett(University of Ottawa, Canada)

2016-2018: Young-Shin Park (Chosun University, Korea)


There are no membership fees for the International Region.

First International Region On-Line Conference

You’re invited!!

Join the ASTE International Region’s First On-line Conference. You can present a traditional paper, a work in progress, or join a roundtable to float a research idea for some brainstorming to develop the question or get methodology ideas, and/or attend to learn, provide input and support!!

Date:  April 22, 1 PM Pacific Standard Time. (Please convert for your own time zone)

For more information see International Region On-Line Conference page!!


Our new ByLaws were approved November, 2023. See ByLaw page to read these!