Welcome to International region for Science Teacher Education

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We represent an international member subset of ASTE. Our international ASTE region officially  include all members who are interested in international science teacher education.  This region was founded officially this year after first formal meeting at ASTE 2016, Reno.

Mission of International Region

To promote collaboration among ASTE international members in scholarly activities for  ASTE’s mission.

Current leadership

Director: Young-Shin Park (Chosun University, Korea)

The first representative of INT_ASTE is me, Young-Shin Park, Chosun University, Korea. I will serve as the representative for the next three year (2016-2018).  Hope this region can be a  network for researchers and educators from all countries and areas to share the ideas to make science teacher professional for science learning in the world.

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PhD Young-Shin Park
Associate Professor in Dept. of Earth Science Education
Director of Science Culture Education Center
International Coordinator of APSE (Asian Pacific Science Education) (http://www.apse-journal.com/)
Vice President of EASE (East-Asian Association for Science Education) (http://theease.org)

4108 natural science bldg
Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea (tel:+82-62-230-7379)

Executive secretariat

Muhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin (University of Minnesota, USA)

Tomoki Saito (Shizuoka University, Japan)

Eunhang Lee (Chosun University, Korea)

Kazi K Shahidullah (University of Nevada, USA)


Larry D. Yore (University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada)

Wayne Melville (Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada)

Upcoming meetings

1st INT_ASTE regional meeting in Tokyo (EASE, 2016)

This is the 1st off-international region of ASTE in Tokyo through EASE international conference (August 26-28, 2016)

EASE 2016 in Tokyo (http://new.theease.org/conference2016.php)

In this regional meeting at EASE, we prepare the following two sessions, one is symposium about science teacher preparation program in each country and the other is oral session about STEM/STEAM education in each country.

(1) Here are the list of presenters and contributors for symposium of INT_ASTE on August 26th
Science teacher preparation program of each country: Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Canada, China, Malaysia, and Bangladesh,

  1. China/Xiao Huang/ZhiJiang Nomal University
    2. Hong Kong/ Wing Mui Winnie So/The Hong Kong Institute of Education
    3. Japan/Yoshisuke Kumano/Tomoki Saito/Shizuoka University
    4. Bangladesh /Kazi Shahidullah /University of Nevada
    5. Korea/Yoon-Kyung Nam/Pusan University/ and Sungho Kim/Incheon buyeseo elementary school
    6. Malaysia/Corrienna Abdul Talib/Universiti Teknologi/ andMuhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin/University of Minnesota
    7. Canada/Christine Tippett/University of Minnesota and Todd Milford /University of Victoria

There are seven countries now, and there are one or two colleagues working together. You need to access EASE 2016 website and need to prepare abstract to be submitted each.

This symposium title is ‘science teacher preparation program at elementary level as well as secondary level’ in each country.

Your abstract will include as follows; (1) preparation program system, (2) good point of its system, (3) a point to be improved and (4) innovation in science teacher preparation program.


(2) Here are the list for STEM/STEAM education in each country for INT_ASTE regional meeting at EASE 2016.
There are 6 countries to present current STEM/STEAM education in each country for 90 minutes.
You need to access EASE 2016 website and need to prepare abstract to be submitted each. http://ease2016tokyo.jp/call.html

  1. Hong Kong/Wing Mui Winnie So /The Hong Kong Institute of Education
    2. Japan/Yoshisuke Kumano/Tomoki Saito/Shizuoka University
    3. Bangladesh /Kazi Shahidullah /University of Nevada
    4. Malaysia/Muhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin/University of Minnesota
    5. Canada/Christine Tippett/University of Minnesota and Todd Milford /University of Victoria
    6. Korea/Hyunju Lee/Ewha Womans University

Everybody will be welcome to this presentation of STEM/STEAM education during EASE 2016!!

2nd INT_ASTE regional meeting in Ireland (ESERA, 2017)


What we expect

  • Special presentations in EASE Conference 2016 in Japan for ASTE international members.
  • Setting up the ASTE official web page to promote social connection among ASTE members and international members.
  • Visiting professor programs among ASTE members’ institutions (suggestion).
  • Co-publication among ASTE international members in STEM Education area for international STEM education research agenda via book chapters, journal articles, and newsletters.
  • Co-authoring among ASTE international members for international research grants.
  • Mobilizing STEM/science education organization in each country of ASTE members to work together for a greater ASTE outlook in each country.



It is free membership now.